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Pham Lu Gia Limited Company wants to send sincere thanks to all Clients who visit our Company’s website. In this website, you will be completely satisfied when using our multilingual translation and interpreting services.

Pham Lu Gia Translation (PLG) is a professional translation company with a skillful staff of translators, who have passed our strict recruitment with strict requirements for standards and experiences in work, as well as proficiency in various fields of translation. Our staff is well-trained in a professional way and experienced in translation and interpreting. Besides that, our translation collaborators are Professors, Doctors, Lecturers in Universities as well as officers in Embassies, the Foreign Affair, Institutes and the foreign experts, who are experienced and enthusiastic in work and complete all work with high quality and efficiency.

We have diversified services related to translation, interpreting and certified translation in 50 different languages. From the popular languages such as English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. to the unpopular languages in Vietnam such as Arabic, Polish, Finnish, Thai, Hungarian, Rumanian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Latin, Swedish, Burmese, Danish, Lao, Khmer, Indonesian, Malaysian, Filipino, Bruneian, Iranian, Dutch, etc.

We also have multidisciplinary Translation service: science and technology, economy, trade, finance, social culture, education, law, travel, medicine, information technology, agriculture, forestry and fishery, chemistry, mechanic, geology, etc. We translate various kinds of document: contract, fax, correspondence, dispatch, catalogue, advertisement, report, flyer, journal, book, certified document, etc. In any given situation, PLG Translation will convey the originals into the translation in the most accurate and appropriate way to warrant the content and purpose of every specific document to meet requirements of all clients who require high accuracy and profession in translation as well as in time-limit. Nowadays, PLG Translation is evaluated as the best quality service provider.

We are proud to be chosen as your reliable partner to undertake translation work for large-scale and prestigious projects in Vietnam. We are long-term partner of many prestigious domestic and foreign investors, constructors, agencies, organization such as: Department of Telecommunications, Department of Construction, Department of Information, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the multinational computer technology and IT consulting corporation IBM, the C.T Group, the 3M Group, Anh Duong Vietnam Joint Stock Company, Toan Thang Steel Commercial Limited Company,, Truong Hai Auto, etc.

We hope and believe that our provided services will satisfy all clients from Agencies, Enterprises, and Organizations to individual clients.

Our experienced and skillful translators in various fields of work will satisfy you. PLG Translation – YOUR TRUSTFUL PARTNER!

Translations Service

PLG Translation always undertake translating text documents in various fields such as: Journal, Book, Movie, Paper Record, Diploma, Degree, Research Project, Technical Project, Bidding Document, Legislative Document, Business Registration, Business Contract, Finance Report, Instruction, etc....

Interpreting Service

As a top interpreting company in Vietnam, PLG Translation has responsible, capable and experienced interpreters who are always willing to respond to clients with escort interpreting, conference interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting in various languages....



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